Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Something from Nothing

Hello out there:
I just got back from a journaling retreat I taught this weekend. It was fabulous. Such a sweet time of journaling, learning, growing, and fellowship. It was a Christian based retreat exploring the discipline of visual journaling. We had a fabulous time. We worked with our hands, and used ephemera to articulate what's in our soul and spirit. I can't wait until we get to do it again. So powerful. It was at the Christian Retreat Center called The Abiding Place.

Today is Feb 7th. The day I should be able to find the latest SPRING issue of adorn! I looked and can't find it. Oh I want it so badly. From what I gather from the website I pretty much am "one" with this issue. My daughers and I have been making shrinky dink charms, I make aprons for a business, and I've been daydreaming lately about petit fours. I even think I saw vintage hankies! My personal collecting fetish! All which appear to be in this issue. I've always been like that. I will be obsessed (there I said it, I have a few slighly obsessive tendancies...I'm workin' on it!) with something. An item of clothing, a color scheme, a style, a songwriter, fill in the blank. I won't be able to find it anywhere, nobody has heard of it, and then bam!!!!!!!!!!!! it's everywhere???? What is that? Is that a gift? Should I be working for Adorn Magazine?? It's fun. I enjoy that skill. I find a great source of pride in that skill.

Enough rambling. Next on the ol' planner is:
1.Make a very nice, super saavy post card to mail to boutiques and offer my "wares" for wholesale.
2.Submit cards, and artwork to publications. I would like to see something of mine in print this year.
3. Sew, Sew, Sew and get my booth pulled together for the Bluebonnet Festival

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