Sunday, May 20, 2007

Burning the Midnight Oil

Life is pretty busy around here. Here's what's happn'n:

These Jed's Originals have all found new homes. I love to see them go. :)

This custom order is for a "new arrival". Onesie, burp cloth, and cards. What a lovely package??

These thank you cards are for kingsqrl. He recently graduated from LSU and needed some thank you notes, so his big sister hooked him up. The inside reads, "I"m NUTS about the ______________. " I'm not exactly how it happened but Ricky's "logo" is pretty much the squirrel.

These little shirts have new little men to wear them. One of which is heading to RedVelvet, we did a swap. Isn't Rachel's stuff adorable?

Mother's Day cards. The quote is from Hans Christian Anderson and it says, "Just living is not enough...One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower." And thus...a handmade flower.

Here are some teacher thank you cards for the end of the year I did. Easy idea for teacher cards, right?

May is a huge month for birthdays in our family, so here are a few of the handmade cards I sent out this month. It was fun to make cards for the people I love. I just cut up magazines like a shredder, and went wild. I didn't have to worry about selling them, or copyright, or anything. I just had some fun. Who doesn't love original mail?? Even if it does cost $0.41 to mail a letter these days! Crikes!!

I'm really looking forward to summertime. I can almost smell the mingle of watermelon and SPF 50 in the air. School will be out, and some of my time will be my own. I would really love to pleasure sew. I have so many projects in my head. I have grand studio make-overs in my head too. I want shelves with fabric stacked to the sky. I want my sewing machine out like a statue, a permanent fixture. No more dragging it in and out of the closet.

Speaking of summer, check out this tasty dish from our summer garden. The zucchini is deli sh. The Squash is not too bad, but the skin is kind of tough. We have so many yummy tomatoes too! God bless my husband. There would be no garden this year if it wasn't for my tentative husband. (Who I've been married to for six years now, Happy Anniversary [yesterday].)

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