Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Just Surfin' The Web

The girls are gone for the afternoon, and I have made a lasagna, and cleaned the pantry floor (I MEAN CLEANED...ie SCRUBBED, MOPPED, THROWN AWAY, ETC) and I'm totally indulging in some web surfing. I want many things. First and foremost I am grateful that I truly do NOT want for anything. What a blessing. I am grateful and a good steward, but if I were indulgent and could get what I wanted when I wanted (I would be spoiled) I would get...

  1. Bending the rules by Amy Karol

  2. Simple Sewing by Lotta Jansdotter

  3. Quilts by Denyse Schmidt

  4. Denyse Schmidt fabric

  5. Heather Bailey fabric

These have been on my wish list for some time, and I'm sure I will get them all eventually. In the mean time I've been listening to pod casts lately. I really love craftsanity right now. It's all these really great interviews with fun people in the DIY industry. Of course I particularly like the one with Amy Karol, Denyse Schmidt, and Claudine Hellmuth. Some of my favorite artist!

Here are some others recommended by the Adorn blog.

I've also been looking for places to buy Denyse Schmidt fabric. I can't find it around here, but I have found it on this website http://www.ciaspalette.com/categories/new.html

Other than that I've been busy with craft camp this week. We are having lots of fun making duct tape wallets, shadow boxes, polymer clay beads/projects, and macrame projects! Cute group of kiddos!

The above photo is of my nephew hangin' 10, at least getting his practice on!

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tfaulkenberry said...

He so looks like a long boarder. Hey I;m proud of you for doing all of this stuff. I'm not into it much but I can tell it takes alot of effort and you care for it. I'd like to wish you luck to make it big I I kind of gather that's not the point. Either way I probably should have let you have my job a cheley but Barb was kind of bitchy with girls.