Saturday, August 04, 2007

Matt Damon

Now that's how I like to wake up in the morning. Grab your coffee, rub your eyes, take a stretch, fire up the ol' PC, and...good morning, Matt Damon! Right there, first thing!
So I saw the movie and loved it. I'm still a fan of the first one. That one, for me, will never be trumped, but the 5 out of the 6 people in our group tonight said THREE was their favorite. So go see it. I will admit to wanting to beat up every security guard I passed leaving the movie theater. I was pumped, I mean I might even try to ride a motorcycle down a flight of stairs. ROCKIN * AWESOME*


Stacy said...

That good, eh? Did it end with "going to see about a girl?"

I've been meaning to call you...pardon my recent lack of phone call etiquette. Hope everyone is doing well!

tfaulkenberry said...

It would have been fantastic if we didn't have to sit so close to the screen. I must admit I wished I was a super hero leaving that movie. The "wiggly" camera was a nice touch.