Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Today I bought a few labels to add to my items for the Festival of Angels. Look how cute and reasonable they are

I'm also doing a bit of winter/holiday shopping. I think I will get my mom one of these for Christmas. It's from Art Noodle. (I don't think she's a blog reader~so I should be safe :)

And for the winter months my girls sure would look cute in one of these from pdxbeanies. Or one from Cite Fuzz.
And maybe one for me??
Check out Mackenzie's post on shopping. Good resources, girl! I'm excited, we have a sewing date to make skirts like these for our girls. Although it might be a pipe dream for my girls because my youngest only wears "stretchy pants", and my oldest won't wear anything I "make" her. I have two girls and neither one of them will let me deck them out or fix their hair. What is that? So maybe I'll just make one for myself like this one.
Busy, busy. Only four weeks until Festival of Angels. Gotta sew! (hee, hee)

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