Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Art of Procrastination

Why am I such a procrastinator? Okay so the story of the dresses...I bought this adorable fabric last year. Then I found a great dress in the Boden catalogue and thought I'd do something similar. I've had the pattern and the fabric for over a year. I decided this year I would turn last year's project into this year's Easter dress. Luckily I altered the pattern to fit my growing girls, and cut out the dresses in Feb. The cut out dresses sat up there in my sewing room for well over a month, and then the night before (yes, the night before!) at around 9pm I decide I am going to make their Easter dresses. I stayed up until 4am making dresses. I would have finished much sooner, but I completely assembled the second dress backwards, had to hang out with the seem ripper for a few hours and then reassemble it correctly.

How hard would it have been to finish those dresses a week early?? It's like my brain needs the adrenaline to knock into high gear, function properly and complete a task!


Stash Studios said...

I think many folks can relate to the procrastination issue - whether they would admit it or not. I love Boden and I love how you've translated their style into your own design.

marisa said...

OK, where do you get your great fabrics? I took Maya to the fabric store to pick out fabric for her Easter dress, I was so disappointed!!! I was going to pick out some fabric for myself as well, there were tons of fabric, but nothing that spoke to me. I ended up getting my dress at The Dress Barn, The Dress Barn??? Who made up that name, it is terrible, but my mother in law swore I would find something I would like, and I did.