Friday, October 31, 2008

International Quilt Festival

Sorry guys, I had to remove the pics.
So apparently Houston has the biggest quilt festival in the US, so I decided to check it out.

Just when you think you are good at a hobby...

know that there is somebody better than you!
No matter your taste, there is something for everybody...

I mean look at this detail...

Ya'll even the carpet was cool!
Skills. There were skills!
I discovered Kaffe Fassett. What rock have I been sleeping under? I love his fabric! Plus, I heard echoed from MANY vendors, he's a great guy, charming and a major character!
I also passed Jenny Doh in the hall. It was kind of twilight zone-ish. I've always been a fan of Somerset Studio Magazine, and as I'm walking in the hall I'm thinking, "How do I know that lady? Oh yeah, she's the editor of SSM! Eek!" {sheepish smile}


Anonymous said...

Sarah, your photos are great, but you are not supposed to post them without permission and without crediting the quiltmaker. I know at least one of the quilts you show was by Caryl Bryer Fallert and was in the SAQA exhibit, which has signs specifying "no photos" posted everywhere. At Festival, we ask that you honor those signs.
Director, International Quilt Festival--Houston

Jenny Doh said...

You should have said "hello!" Hope to cross paths again. :)

Sarah said...

Dear KB,
All those faux paus were unintentional. Even photographing where I was not allowed. I will remove them. :)