Friday, October 10, 2008

Ministry of Food

Because I just can't get enough, I went to Jamie Oliver's website to see the latest Jamie At Home info, but he has already moved on. You know how Texas gets everything later than California and New York? Well the UK does everything before the US. He's already starting a new project called the Ministry of Food, and I haven't even had enough of Jamie At Home yet. I was bummed, until I checked it out. It's pretty fabulous. Go look...
Wanting to contribute to the "food revolution" I've been trying to utilize what's in season. However, for those of us a few generations removed from the farm may not know what is in season. Check out this great website updated weekly to let you know what produce is freshest!
Since potatoes are in season why not try this incredible recipe from Alice Water's The Simple Art of Cooking
OMG super simple and super tasty. If you are a vegetarian this is a main dish!
Potato Gratin
butter a casserole dish
peel and thinly slice (food processor or mandolin) 4 large potatoes
make a layer of potato slices, sprinkle with salt and pepper (i added fresh herbs also)
make another layer of potatoes and repeat once more to make 3 layers total
pour 1 cup of milk over the top, the liquid should come up to the first layer
dot the top with 3 tablespoons of butter
Bake 350 degrees until the top is browned and slightly bubbly (approx 1hr)
P.S. Another interesting website along the "food not grass" guidelines is


SQRL said...

sounds like you have some spam issues. but i, as a living/barely breathing fat person, can vouch for the gratin as being quite delicious.

Sarah said...

do you like your book?

sqrl said...

i likey the book. ironically, i ran across that potato recipe myself and will gratin-ize tonight

sqrl said...

i'm making the most of my new-found freedom to eat taters