Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Well things are gonna change around here. Lots of things. For starters..

I would like to wear more earrings.
I would like to employ only my favorite of everything (dishes, clothes, bed linens, etc) and get rid of the rest.
I would like to accomplish my spring garden, thank you Mr. Ike.
I would like to validate some weekly time for writing/journaling.
I would like to blog (at least) weekly again.
I should start returning phone calls and e-mails.
I should cut out caffeine.
Oh yes, of course, I would also like to "exercise more" and "get organized".

After a couple years at a strenuous trot, I think Jed's will be taking a break. I'm not sure if it's a sabbatical or what, but I feel like it's time to pull back the reins. Creatively, I need to change directions for a while. I want to be able to go into the studio and make whatever I want to make. I don't want to feel pressured to sell it, or turn it around quickly to fill an order. I want to have time to make for my friends and family, time to make for my house and for myself. Selfishly, I want thrive off the benefits of using my hands to create.

I figure I can still blog, however, only make it "dedicated to inspiration". You can view my flickr account and past posts for ideas. I can post anything exciting I find, from the web. If I finish projects, of course I'll "show and tell". I also anticipate introducing more of my garden/cooking interests, as well as farm to table interests. If your interested keep hanging out for a front row view of what transpires. If not I bid you "adieu". I always hate goodbyes. May you find what you are looking for.

With every end comes a new beginning... shall we embark?

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