Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Wheels On the Bus

Doesn't seem that long ago I was posting about my oldest first day of Kindergarten, and now I'm posting about my youngest first day of Kindergarten. Man, how time flies. Whoever said, "The days are long, but the years are short." was so correct. Each year seems to get faster and faster.

The weeks preceding school, I was flooded with thoughts of the girls when they were still babies and every day was a haze of diaper changes, getting dressed & groomed battles, and muggy mosquito trips to the park (which inevitably led to sandy bed sheet naps). I can't believe these little talking, walking, eye rolling, decision making, front door of elementary entering kiddos are mine. I can't believe I'm the same person or this is the same life. I'm not sad, really, I'm mostly excited, but I am overwhelmed with how fast I suspect their childhood will fly by. {The upside is I'm not quite as crazy or frumpy as I was in the baby haze days!}

Without further adieu, on their first day of school:


Anonymous said...

well i had no idea about this blog. enjoying every miss you...but am gonna see you in september....if you are in town 26 sept? will be having a in, husband and i are center of attention. anyway, you will get invite soon. mom's bff insisted on it, which is super sweet. if you want a laugh, find my target registry (do you remember new last name?) and look at it. we really don't need anything so just gonna register for a few things and some fun things. so far, cade has registered. we have one item. please go look. so hilarious/inappropriate/embarrassing. embarassing.hi, i taught english. first one? anyway, love you love you love you. talk soon i hope. oh, yeah, will be calling you for address soon!!! :) love from sms

Mama D said...

So just how cute are these girls?
And the shoes!

Anonymous said...

they really are growing up. hopefully now getting old enough to realize they shouldn't listen to a single word of "advice" i give.
but don't worry; you're still just as frumpy, and twice as crazy.

abiding love and affection,

rick james

megan said...

WHAT A BIG BIG DAY! I'm jealous!

Ok, and the little I could see of your house in the background looks amazing! Can I see some bigger pics of that?