Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life Under Construction

On September 24th I should attend my last day at Aveda Institute Houston. Other than being very sad to leave all my girlies, do you know how happy this makes me? It has been a long hard year. It has been 365 excruciating days. It has been a grueling experience. Did I mention the long hard year I've almost completed? Every other aspect of my life has been subject to complete neglect to entirely overlooked. But that is all about to change in 4 weeks. Although I have senior-itis and school has become a drag I am about to emerge with a new career that I absolutely love. So it has been totally worth it.

This post is not another failed attempt to blog again daily like I use to. No, but rather a transition into whatever this blog will become. It will not be what it was, but it will evolve into something new. The focus will be on transitioning into a new career, and all the facets that surround this transition. My creative new career as a cosmetologist, putting a healthy and quick dinner on the table, Ayurveda health, and just a place to stay connected.

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