Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dear Christina Perri,

"To thine own heart be true." I would like to thank you for your amazing show at "House of Blues" Friday night. How can you articulate precisely the emoting of raw emotions? How can you do this and it still be a fun and upbeat tour? I would like to thank you for being pretty much the most amazing and inspiring girl around. Your talent. I mean, your talent. You write the crazy haunting lyrics, you write the music, and you lay down your guitar to play the piano. Is there anything you can't do? Oh, and also, thank you for not giving up on yourself. Thank you for teaching your fellow tenderhearts how to be "lovestrong". That concept seems to land somewhere between angry feminist and niave love-struck little girl. Kind of smack-dab in the middle of "you're enough just the way you are". Be you because you're the only you. And if the object of your desire doesn't recognize, then it's "their loss".

What still amazes me is that you even have unrequited love to write about. Who would drop you? Who wouldn't have you? Why does the heart inside of someone so beautiful and talented waste even one second on anyone who keeps you anywhere past an arms length? (Ladies, could we all take a note?) But it makes for honest stories, genuine music, and plenty of places for us mere civilians to relate.

The other thing I would like to thank you for is how fresh your set was, it was not overtly sexy, and that was sexy! You are simply a beautiful girl, making music with her band, rockin' the coolest hair, wearing nothing but a bomb little skirt, confidence, a smile, and flirty tattoos in all the right places. Doesn't get much sexier than that. You are a fox! Just to further prove my point, only you could make Tom Petty, swanky (had to be there). So thank you for the breath of fresh air. And may you be an inspiration to all of own it. Own your own.

O dear, baby Jesus, I have just become a groupie. Don't be creeped, only flattered, by my devotion. I am inspired! Take home message received: When you do what you love, take a risk, and follow a dream, it's scary, and hard, but your life can be more than you ever imagined~too!

P.S. Someone is going to arrive in my chair and get a variation of Christina Perri hair. Who is the lucky client? Again, Christina, do not be creeped, only flattered. ;)

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