Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Bluebonnet Festival

"Jed" is tired.

Well I'm back. The Bluebonnet Festival was a success, not without some obstacles, but a success none the less. I'm busy with custom orders, and website updates. Give me one more week and I might finally be happy with my website and etsy shop.

Okay Friday was around 84 degrees. I set up shop late, because I saw there would be rain that morning. There was no rain that morning, but about 45min after I set up, the sky grew dark and we had a tornado heading right toward us. So I packed back up. Luckily no tornado! Saturday was beautiful, it was cold which I love, but it was a bit too windy for most shoppers. Then Sunday was hot again. That's Texas for you. If you don't like the weather, stay a while (it WILL change).
Getting out in a hurry on Friday night.
Look at those shirts flapping in the wind on Sat.
Perfect on Sunday.
I made a new friend. Cheryl from
She was fabulous. It's great when your neighbors are so friendly. Her handmade soaps are so nice, and her lip balm is wonderful. She makes it all herself.
I'm off to fill orders. Thank you to all that came out to the Bluebonnet Festival, and a double thank you to all my new customers.
PS keep checking back to my website. I am working feverishly to update it, and my etsy shop.

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