Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Stack

Aaaaahhhaaa! Aaaaaahhhhhhaaaa! Fabric. Spring. Fabric. Spring.

Spring. Spring. Spring. Amazing fabrics, and it just makes you want to sew.

Here is a scrumptious-spring stack of my own. Like most seamstresses I am in love with fabric. It is the closest thing I have in my life to an addiction. You can liken it to the drunken Irish father who spends his families wages, intended for food, shelter, milk and clothing, on a pint in the pub. I can't even walk into a fabric store unless I have money allotted to spend. I ration how many visits a month I will make to Jo Ann's, High Fashion Fabrics, or online fabric stores. Because I will spend otherwise intended money. And in every other area of my life I am a "window shopper" and what others might consider "cheap". What is it?

I mean I don't think I need a recovery group, or anything...but it owns a portion of my brain and certainly my heart.

Do any other seamstresses do this:

-Buy fabric and patterns with visions of a project to do. But fold it neatly into some sort of storage and save it. Either because you never take the time to finish it, or because you are saving it? And I'm not talking one or two projects...

-I also hoard fabric. If I love it of course I buy it. But if I really love it, I probably won't ever cut it. That might be a personal thing, not a seamstress thing. I also "save" (ie: not wear) my favorite clothes. I save them in my closet??? What is that?

-And many of us save our scraps, but have no earthly idea what to use them for? I have many uses for a decent sized scrap, but I get ridiculous sometimes. I mean the green bean size scrap SHOULD be thrown away. Let it go, man, let it go.

For more stack deliciousness look here:

Lisa Congdon

(looks like a fellow group member, hello my name is blank and I am a fabric addict.) That could be a whole blog in itself. If you are a fabric addict leave a comment or email a pic, and we'll have some sort of dedicated section.

i'm as much a fan of leya's photos as i am her work

Happy Spring Sewing! :) Sarah

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Manda said...

Oh yeah! I hear ya!