Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Creative Juice

Now, if time weren't scarce, skill wasn't a limitation, and the sky was the limit, what would you make with these?

Option A

Option B

Dual Credit

Option C

Double Trouble

We may not have the time to make anything amazing this week, but we can certainly dream about it. If any of these fabrics make you want to sew or decorate leave a comment. :) Sarah

PS Because these are way overdue, and their adoring public awaits. The girls at Easter.

(revolting against the papparazi)


Stacy said...

Is it weird that I started to salivate when I saw that last fabric?

Audra said...

Option A: Peasant Top
Option B: Pillow coverlet
Option C: Cushion coverlet
Dual Credit: Sun dress with polka-dot liner
Double Trouble: Skirt with polka-dot liner

The girls looked great for Easter...the weekend I headed west.

Hope things are well, Sarah!!!

Sarah said...

i love it, i love it. now all we need is time. i have sewing fever so bad. i want to make cute tops, and more cute tops. time. time. time.

mike & megan said...

A & C - together would make me a lovely apron.
B - summer tablecloth for all of those beautiful summer parties I dream of but don't have...fresh mint lemonade and all...
dual credit - LOVE these... make a reversable dew rag for wearing before and after my daily pool visits...
double trouble - polka dot big bag with secret fabric inside - I love bags like that...simple on the outside - a treat on the inside...

thanks sarah...that felt good.

Anonymous said...

Option C I would make a bag with Option A as a liner.
Option B a sweet dress for Gwen, Hannah and Haleigh. I love it when they match.
Dual credit I would make a polkadot dress with floral trim or should it be a floral dress with polkadot trim.
Double Trouble I would make curtins for Gwens room and then have a reason to redecorate. : )
What great stuff, thanks for the fun. Your girls are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Do I buy fabrics with a project in mind, then fold them neatly away? Ahem!!! I have six 30-gallon Rubbermaid tubs FILLED with fabric. When my daughter asked me to make her husband's wedding shirt, I went through my stash and found some antique linen that bought in England in 1975 and some silk broadcloth for the trimming that I bought in Colorado in 1979. The pattern I used was a Vogue that I bought in 1982 - a Perry Ellis men's shirt with a pleated sleeve. I modified the yoke, inserted a front placket, and John was HANDSOME.

As for the juice challenge, dunno. The fabric is looking suspiciously like the things I could find when I was in my 20's, which was roughly 1,000 years ago. In those days, those prints would be sheaths, sundresses, or kitchen curtains. But um ... how about double trouble as a beach bag and matching shoelaces for espadrilles?

A friend at school recently said that I should design a line of clothing for women over fifty because I always looked so great. I told her that it had already been done ... it's called WalMart.

XXOO Auntie JoAnn

glynnis said...

Personally, option B doesn't do it for me, but I am
seeing ironing board covers with the other options, as
well as coordiating bedskirts and pillowcases for the
options with two fabrics. I also liked the idea of
doing a little bulletin board covered in the fabric.
That's all I got. :-)

BellaKarma said...

Option A: Mod-Style Dress
Option B: Throw Pillow for Deck(Patio)Furniture
Option C: Clutches with Metal Frame
Option D: Tablecloth
Option E: Cobbler Apron

That was fun! :D

Becky said...

A: Clutch purse :O)
B: teddy bear
Dual Credit: pleated skirt with alternating fabrics, for me, or floral pants with polka dot pockets for Maggie
C:Headband/ scarf
Double Trouble: Floral purse w/ polka dot pockets

:O) it is fun to imagine!
love ya, and great pics of the girls!

sarah said...

what inspiring comments. now all we need is a sewing party. summer is coming, may (hehe may--get it?) we all have time to craft and create. we have all been bit by the craft bug!