Friday, May 04, 2007

Happy Birthday

Today is my twin brother's birthday! It's so exciting when his birthday comes. It's my favorite day of the year.

He's amazing, and we've pretty much been best friends ever since I shared a womb with him (sorry mom). There were bouts of sibling rivalry, mostly spurred from his core belief that I was the "Danny Divito", aka "the genetic crap", and he was the Arnold. But all is mended. These days we DON'T hold hands by the lake, but our families DO try to get together as often as we can. He has a beautiful family, and he's pretty much a hero. He saves lives in the Cost Guard.

On that note check out what I got him for his birthday. Keep in mind he will swim with sharks-no big deal- but he LOATHES octopus.

Here we are to date. Do we look like twins? One things for certain...I got all the muscles!

And if being twins isn't cool enough. We have identical twin nieces born on our birthday. Yes the exact same day. Our families celebrate 4 birthdays on one day. Does somebody know the odds of that? I wonder if that's Guinness Book type stats??

So happy birthday to you, bro, and to the girlies. (And to me!)

(the girls)

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Audra said...

Happy birthday to you both! Love all of you!