Monday, May 21, 2007

Jed's Summer Camps

I wanted to make a post about the summer camps I have planned. I don't know where to add a link on my website. Any suggestions?

If you are interested and need more info just shoot me an email.


Audra said...

Can you do a virtual camp for this adult in AZ?

sarah said...

oh there is nothing crafty you don't know. you're a midwesterner! ya'll invented craft, you make doers-resourceful-population. ;)

sqrl said...

you don't know how to add a link, or just where to put it?
it is not too hard to add a thumbnail of your poster and a link to the sidebar, wherever you want to. holla back, as they say.

PS thanks again for the cards...i am still plowing through all the thank-yous but so far they are a big hit with the ladies