Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Jed's Sewing Camp

What a blast! This year I had five girls for sewing camp. We made a three-tiered skirt. The girls got to pick their own fabric and I taught them how to use Simplicity Pattern 4206 . They all did wonderfully and are now sporting their one-of-a-kind originals! My future fashion designers. Someday I'll be saying, "I knew them when..."

The gathering gave most of them headaches, and they EACH were personally introduced to the SEAM RIPPER!!!!!! But mostly what I saw were incredible straight lines and perfect 5/8" seams. Unbelievable the skill of these girls. They were patient, diligent, and focused, and now they have something of their very own, fashioned by hand, completely unique and a reflection of themselves. They built confidence, overcame obstacles, and let their creative juices flow. Sounds like a good week to me! I really enjoyed myself, and from what I gather so did the girls. We ALL did agree that AFTER camp we felt like bumps on a log. We just wanted to sit and stare at a blank wall, and we were ravishingly hungry. I guess using all that brain power really tuckers you out. Sewing really does use a lot of brain power. There is math, engineering, color, composition, problem solving, mechanics, UNJAMMING MACHINES, eye-hand coordination, etc --you get the picture. :) However, I'm sure they have recuperated by now, and they are flouncing about in their cute skirts! Or their altered T's we made from this book.

Upcoming Jed's Events:

  • Craft Camp II July 9-12 10:30am-2:30pm $75 ages 11&up

  • Craft Camp III Aug 6-9 10:30am-1:30pm $75 ages 5-10

NEW For the ladies...Adult Beginner Sewing Classes. We will meet every other month and do a new project each session. The first one will be this cute tote bag and we'll meet:

Tues July 31 10am-1pm, Thurs Aug 2 10am-1pm, and Tues Aug 7 6pm-9pm
The cost is $55 and babysitting will be provided for an extra fee during the morning classes. Email for more information or to register. All camps and classes are held at NCA.

Thank you girls for a fabulous week. I hope you learned MUCHO about sewing, but more than that I hope you enjoyed the creative outlet and the growing confidence that comes with using your hands constructively.


Anonymous said...

Too cute!!
Would you please send me the group shot so that I can send it to the paper?
Your biggest fan! Mom

Russell said...

Hi. I stumbled onto your blog and the camp looks great. Another dad and I are teaching a camp for under 9 year-olds this summer. The focus is more on having fun and getting exposed to machines. My eight year old loves sewing purses, so I thought we would do a purse and a pillow case. Any suggestions?