Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thank You Sampler

The sampler posted one of my greeting cards I sent in. Thank you, Sampler. Funny, this card is probably one of my least favorite ones (shhhhh), but I'm thrilled somebody liked it. It's been proven over and over again, that my taste is NOT the norm. I remember the first apron I sold at a craft show. I was so embarrassed of it, I almost didn't put it out. It was made as a joke for my cousin, but I couldn't even send it to her. It wasn't displayed 10 min, it caught a ladies' eye, she b-lined for it, didn't look at the price tag and paid for it on the spot. She loved it! It takes all kinds of tastes, that's what makes us special! (NOT that kind of "special".)


claudine hellmuth said...


hey there! yes! it's been a whole year of no diet coke for me! what I did for the few few months was to take 2 Excedrin a day to warn off any caffeine headaches. that helped a lot!

sarah moyar said...

thank you, claudine and karen. i've actually been drinking lots of iced tea lately, but i felt that's just replacing one fix for another...and that's just so A.A. but maybe that's really the way to go about it!

i had a professor in college who said Diet Coke put the hormone DHEA in their drinks. that is the hormone that spikes when you first have a crush or fall in love. It makes you not want to sleep, or need to eat (increased energy), it elevates your mood, and in general make you feel good about life and the situations around you. so maybe that's what it is??? maybe he was right, maybe that's why I LOVE Diet Coke so much. :)

Audra said...

And WHO was that beloved Texas A&M professor?!?!?!!?

Anonymous said...

let's take a moment...ahhhh...he had hottness down to a science. literally! man he was lovely. brad pitt has nothing on dr. john manning...let's all take one more moment. :) brains & beauty