Monday, June 11, 2007

Need A Local Craft Fix

It's fun to see my logo and link on the sampler today. I've probably visited it a hundred times. I guess I'm an "egocentric maniac", it's like those mirrors I pass...can't just keep walking, nope, I've got to stop and take a gander. :) I'm not really that terrible. I've actually been checking out all the other cool sites. So many wonderful crafters out there, and such valuable resources. I like this blog I've ordered some zines from

Any local Houstonians might be excited to know of some weekly and monthly craft fairs. Every month there is the Yale Street Art Market. It's in the heights. Then every Saturday there is the Houston Farmers Market. Not only is it a farmers market which is fantastic in itself, but there are also crafty vendors.

There is also a Midtown Farmers Market on Saturdays.

Some good summer excursions for those of us finding ourselves with more free time lately.

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