Friday, June 08, 2007

Swirly Head

Swirly head is back. There is so much to do, and my head is spinning. So in true "Sarah" form here is one of my rambling "debriefings".

I have big plans to promote Jed's this summer. One of those ways is by utilizing The Sampler . I sent in 75 cards to be distributed for the months of June and July. So we shall see.

It's a great website, definitely check it out. Look what I found while I was on there. If this doesn't inspire you to embroider, I don't know what would. I really love blue trees and summer .

This week I also entered the American Sewing Expo competition. I sent in two aprons to the "Not your Mother's Apron" contest. All the proceeds go to a food bank. Isn't that wonderful? I also sent in some of my favorite Christmas cards to the Somerset Studio "Special Holiday Project" challenge. I would really love to see those cards in that magazine come Christmas time. A girl can dream can't she?

Next on the to do list:

  1. send in the Stitch application. fingers crossed, i hope, hope, hope i will peddle my wares at stitch this year.

  2. finish a picture journal i'm working on

  3. finish two baby quilts i'm working on

  4. make two shirts for my 10 year high school reunion. throw back to adolescence, "i couldn't be caught dead wearing anything someone else was wearing, right?"

  5. make a commissioned baby bag

  6. sew aprons, totes, t-shirts, onesies for stitch and festival of angels. maybe sell artwork this year, like my shadow boxes ???hmmm???

  7. write press releases. drum up some PR

  8. prep work and sewing zine for sewing camp

  9. reschedule camp 1--i'm thinking about july 16th-19th from 1-4pm

  10. schedule ladies sewing class--i'm thinking july 31, aug 2, and aug 7. check out the new sewing lounge in kingwood and see if it would be a nice place to hold the class? pick times.

  11. start crafty girl's guide to creative living zine

Ahh, much better. Swirly head is ready for bed. :)

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