Friday, July 20, 2007

Baby Quilts

These are ready to head out. These are my first two "completed" baby quilts. The pictures turned out yucky, but now the quilts are all packaged up and I can't retake the photos. They were made from the Moda American Jane collection.

These quilts are farm-friendly. They make you want to rise early, put on your apron and gather chicken eggs or milk Daisy the milk cow. They are so cute. I can't wait to send them to the new babies coming into our life, expected to arrive this summer.

This apron is for a newly-wed friend, Rachel. Want to read a cute book? Check out her novel.

We'll call this apron "Domestic Bliss". This is what I give all my newly-wed friends. The "Domestic Bliss" gift basket. It usually includes one item off their registry in the kitchen section, a housekeeping magazine or book, and an original Jed's apron. Every now and then I get really lucky and score a vintage housekeeping book. Those are to be treasured. Oh they are fabulous. You know the kind that say things like, "Make sure you have the children in bed, your make-up fresh, and dinner hot for your husband when he gets home." Like the 6 o'clock hour isn't hard enough without all that extra pressure! I've even read one that said, "You have friends coming over for dinner and you feel a bit frazzled should you take a Valium or have a drink? The answer was a Valium because no one would smell it on your breath." Can you believe that craziness?? Anyhow, I think they make for fine wedding shower gifts. :) Very tongue-n-cheek, let's all be delusional, gift baskets.

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Audra said...

Yes, I love the Farm Quilts...OBVIOUSLY!

Miss you tons!