Monday, July 30, 2007

I invented post-its...

No I did not invent post-its, but I did go to my 10-yr high school reunion this weekend. And other than Genine Gerafalo not being there it was much better than Romey & Michelle's high school reunion. Everyone grew up very nicely. I reconnected with lots of old friends. It was fantastic. I mean... there is not enough money in the whole Western Hemisphere to make me re-do middle school or high school again, but the reconnect was refreshing. Everyone is still beautiful and living large.

Speaking of beautiful and living large check out my friend Cindy's Ranch. If we gave out awards Cindy's would be: "The One Who Gives the Most Back to Society"

She and her husband run a non-profit ranch to serve adults with mental disabilities through complete residential care, providing an active group home community that enables their residents to experience abundant life. How's that for a mission statement and a life purpose??

For any of my long lost buddies who are now reading my blog. Hello and I love you! Here's a few pics of my family and my brother! Tommy and Mary have three boys, and David and I have two girls.

Here's Tommy's fam!

And here are my girls.

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