Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We've Been Crafty

Today at craft camp we made these fun polymer clay pens. The "crafty-kids" were impressed and it's a fun introduction to clay.

My "crafty-kids" have been crafty, and my own kids have been crafty too. Lots of fun--fill the summer-time--projects. My girls finally got to make the crayon cookies I previously mentioned, and tried their hand @ some clay creations. From left to right an the claytastic presentation is an owl, a fish, an ' I can't remember', and at the bottom a spiky caterpillar.

Breaking News: Jed's Sewing Camp got a little press in the local Kingwood Observer. Super fun. No pic, unfortunately. I sent them some cute pics, but they didn't run. Oh, well maybe next time. I'm pumped they ran the article.
This just in: I heard the Humble Observer ran a big article with the pictures. I'm trying to get my hands on one of them.


Jessica said...

You are so creative! Do you have any more kids camps? Your girls are beautiful, I can't believe how fast they are growing. I have started helping my friends get their "bow" business up and running. Who does your websight? If you say yourself i might just scream and then come over for some pointers. : ) Everything looks fabulous. Keep it coming.

Audra said...

You are so awesome, Sarah! I'm so proud that you are active and creative...way to go!