Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Class of 2020, baby! (I think??) We'll my oldest started kindergarten this week. What an amazing milestone. All the other moms were crying, but I wanted to high five somebody. I did it! I survived the first five years, and so did she! ;0) I'm so proud of her. I'm excited to discover who she will become...


Anonymous said...

old flabby toes is off to school. I remember getting along fine in school because you made such big waves nobody noticed my ripples. I rather enjoed that "tree top fying." Now that i'm grown and pusing two hundred and fifty pounds it's hard to slide under anyone's radar. People expext big things from you when you are big. To be in kindegarten again.

I was never so smart at Abbey and Braden's age. On B's second day he decided to spell his nick name (Bee) on one of his papers. Mary and I didn't know how to take that so we suggested he not do it because his teacher wouldn't know who that was. His reply..." Mom, we keep our papers on our desk!" All I know is in the K grade I still spelled my name MOT ( Tom backwards for those who didn't follow).

Sarah, I'm so proud of your craft junk that I'll gve you 10 hours of free brazing, soldering, welding, or metal polishing if you need it. The rest will cost you big time!

Anonymous said...

sorry for the spelling, I guess I should have proof read.

Anonymous said...

Your new house looks amazing! I am sure you are just brimming with new decor ideas.
I will totally high five you, Gwen starts preschool next week. I am more excited than she is.
Keep it coming!

Stacy said...

I've been waiting for these pictures all week!! I'm glad you're coping well with A. going to school. I will be one of those moms who has to be escorted out of the school building because my wailing and sobbing is upsetting the children. I'm getting choked up now just thinking about my girls going to school...sigh...still have 4 more years.

And...are those converse? Rad!!

See you guys this weekend!

Audra said...

YEAH! It looks like everyone had many teared up?

Thanks for sharing!

Ashley said...

Oh, once they start school things start changing. I think my 7 year old is smarter than I am most of the time. Some of the things he's learned just awe me. I admit...I did cry the first day of kindgerten for him, but what fun he had!!!

Can't wait to see you this weekend. Love ya.