Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Big Fat Loser

Hi Sarah->>Thank you so much for your application to Stitch!>>Unfortunately we're going to have to pass on your booth this year. We>> were>>flooded with applicants - almost three times as many spots as we had>>available. It made our decision very difficult and we had to let go of>>some amazing talent.>>We sincerely hope you'll apply again next year. We're always looking for>>new crafts and new faces to keep the show fun and dynamic.>>>>Again, thank you for applying!>>>>Karly, Jesse, Jennifer and Tina


Well, unfortunately, Stitch is not in the cards for me this year. I'm pretty bummed. I was really looking forward to it. I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel the harsh sting of rejection, but I think it might be a blessing in disguise. If I had been in Stitch this year I would have been moving the family to our new house, putting my current house on the market and keeping it clean, while trying to create my best work for Stitch and Fest of Angels all in the month of October. Not to mention that October is hunting season, so I would be doing this with very little help from my better half. In the meantime, I will polish up my internet presence to better represent my work and I'll give Stitch another try next year.

On the bright side: I have much less to do, and have more time to decorate my new house (eek)and I will get to be a shopper again (at Stitch)!

I also must admit to being in a creative slump. With the kids home this summer I didn't get to make much. I spent the summer entertaining munchkins and leaving town, however I am uninspired lately. I have no art of my own swirling around in my head. Very few things spark my interest, and what does spark my interest seems unattainable to me (ie: beyond my skill level or requires learning a new skill). Even my usual arsenal of craft, art, and sewing magazines and zines don't elate me. I feel bored with them. I feel discouraged and limited. Should I take some classes? Like some more advanced photoshop classes or a Dreamweaver class?? Yes that sounds wonderful, but oh no...the classes never make at the local jr college. I would like to learn to screen print...but where? Maybe I will just take some time and sew clothes and accessories for myself, my girls, and my friends and family. That is how this business started. Maybe it will rekindle some creative expression. Maybe some new collages? Work with paper for a change? I don't know? Mostly I just want to travel around Texas listening to music and camping out at music festivals, but I just might be too old for that? I think I just need to expand a bit. I think I will buy different magazines, find new music, and rent lots of foreign films.

What an Eeyore post. I guess I'm a bit gloomy, but I'll bounce back. The other day my uncle sent me an e-mail that said, "I love your blog spot. Reading it set me free to be more creative." And he's one of the most beautiful artist I know. So if having this blog causes him to be more creative and make more art, the world is a better place! I will focus on that.


Audra said...

Chin up, my dear--one door closes and another opens.

Audra said...

...and you're neither big nor fat.

mike & megan said...

I am in those slumps all the time - I think I chose the wrong medium. I want to be an illustrator. So, I go back to the drawing boards, no pun intended, and wonder if I should take a class at the community college or get a book. But in the end I spend one afternoon with a box full of new crayons and sparkly dreams swirling around. By the time the drawings have dinner on them and they are on the floor I decide to be a photographer again. Someday....but really in the end I just want to be a farmer.