Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Celebrate Other's Success

Most of you know Claudine Hellmuth is my favorite artist, and I just found out she is going to be on the Martha Stewart Show. How exciting!!! She will be on Sept 12th. Set your Tivo. ;) Now she will be the rest of the world's favorite artist too!

My cousin Kia Faulkenberry is the textile designer for this adorable line of clothes. Tea

She is an amazing artist. I can't wait to order some fall clothes for my girls. How cool is it to order clothes your cousin designs??? I wish I had gone to school for textiles, and I wish I could draw like Kia. :)

Lisa at Feto Soap will be at Stitch again this year. I saw many wonderful things at Stitch last year, but I only made a few purchases, and her soaps were one of them. She makes really wonderful products. She also spearheads the Houston chapter of the Craft Mafia. I think I would like to join. That is if we can ever coordinate our schedules to set up a meeting. :) If you would like to see all the other talented artists who will be in Stitch this year check them out here.

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