Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall Handbag Love

I welcome the season change. I love it when fall approaches. The lighting changes, and the temperatures drop (Hallelujah in Texas). It's funny when a season changes. It not only changes the weather physically, but things start to change emotionally and spiritually. I can feel a new season approaching in my life~moving to a new home: exciting and overwhelming. As I send my girls to school for the day, feeling free while feeling a bit lonely and desperately wanting to use my time wisely. I can feel a new season emotionally~prone to be restless and in constant motion I feel a need to slow the pace and find a quiet place. I feel an increased importance on the life I'm making for my children and husband. To find validation at the end of my day even if the things I do are not necessarily things I can check off a "to-do" list. I'm always looking forward to the next thing, but this season brings with it nostalgia and reminiscing. I can feel a new season spiritually~ a season of surrender. There are other ways to do things than JUST MY WAY (said with fingers in ears and feet stomping). For sure, change is in the air.

And when Fall comes I feel an overwhelming need to GO SHOPPING. All these cute jumpers, sweaters, and flats. I LOVE fall clothes. And of course you must have a new fall handbag. If you want to GO DIY and make your own. You know the one of a kind, no one will have one like it, landslide of compliments kind of bag here are some ideas:

Well that's a start at least. That should give you something to buy or some inspiration to design your own. Let's all make new fall handbags!

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