Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Magic Maker

Wanting to be ready for fame when it comes knocking on my door, I asked my friend Mackenzie if she could take some fresh and funky head shots for me. When Country Living calls and asks to put one of my new, adorable, and charmingly vintage chic aprons in their precious pages I want to be ready. Or when ReadyMade and Adorn commission me to make something fabulous, I just want to be prepared with a professional head shot. No hopping around at the last minute kind of thing.

Hee. Hee. Hee. These pics were actually for some website "redecorating" but they came out so fabulous (if I do say so myself). I hate pictures of myself but Mackenzie is a magic maker! Lately I never want to be in pictures because I want to barf when I look at them. But recently I started thinking that when my girls grow up they are going to want to know what I used to look like, so these will be the ones I show them. These pics are exciting because they are the kind that when I'm dead and gone my grandchildren can look at these pictures and say, "My grandma was a real Betty." {In case you are thinking I'm an egomaniac please look through these archives and take note of how many personal pics I've maybe??} Anyhow expect some updated personal info and photos.

I've been sewing like a mad-woman. I finished an adorable nap mat. But like a knuckle-head I forgot to take pictures. My hubby had the camera for his trip to Canada, and I didn't get any pics. Super cute fabric! {Actually it was out of the same fabric in the picture of me laughing.}
I've finished decorating a camera strap. Super cute. NO PICS.

I have orders for a few aprons, I'll post pics when they are done, and I have been teaching private sewing lessons. I've got two 5th graders. They are adorable and super hipsters/crafters. They made up a "super secret sewing handshake". It was so adorable, and after some major begging to be let in on it- they agreed. I'd love to show it to you. All seamstresses should unite under this fabulous new handshake, but I'm pretty sure if I showed it to you...I'd have to kill you.


Ashley said...

I love the pictures. They really show your great personality. I can hear you laughing now as you were taking them. Love you bunches.

Tanya Whelan said...

I totally love that picture!! Wish I could have one like that taken of me, just blogged about this problem...Anyway, thanks for mentioning my blog in your most recent post.

sarah said...

thank you, thank you
ash, i love you too

tanya, i don't know you, but i'm sure you're great :) i already love your blog and your fabric!!

Audra said...

Sarah--you are such a beautiful soul--I miss you!