Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Weather

OMG the weather is so beautiful. It blew in on Monday. It was cold and rainy, perfect weather for a book and a hot cup of tea. (Not that that's what I did, but it would have been perfect.) Since Tues it's been gorgeous. In the sixties, but sunny and breezy. It makes me want to start a fall garden, ride horses, and have a picnic in a field with hot chocolate, cherry pie and chicken salad sandwhiches. I don't know, we'll call that Random Thoughts by Sarah.

PS The horse pictures were taken this summer when my little one went to day camp. Aren't these horses beautiful? Have a carrot.
PPS The hay is just the other day when a fall storm rolled in while we were in Round Rock. It smelled so sweet. I LOVE Fall!


Stacy said...

Round Rock?!? What were you doing in my neck of the woods?

Sarah said...

Wait I think I mean Round Top! The cute little town tucked off 290 half way between Houston and Austin! It's a perfect meeting place. Super charming in a dusty old Texas farm town-kind of way!