Friday, November 16, 2007

Good Morning Starshine the Earth says Hello

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccck! I've crawled out from under a mountain of boxes to ease your worried minds. I AM still here. :) I've survived the festival, a move, shifty car problems, unexpected home repairs, and bank issues. I had a moment there when I thought I would break, but I'm gunning along just fine now. I'm ready to decorate a house, list a house and fill some orders. :)

Festival of Angels went really well. It was so fun to see all the familiar faces. I had visitors and repeat customers~ super fun~ and I didn't bring much home! yeah! I think most vendors would judge their success on how much money they made, but not me. My new standard of success is when the pre-teen and teenager girls walk by, squeal, and take a hard turn toward my booth. That is my new seal of approval. I think their generation has been exposed to so much assembly line produced, disposable, and licenced paraphernalia that when they get really excited about original, hand-made items it means so much to me. Plus it takes guts to be original at that age.

Mackenzie helped me decorate my booth and it was cute. She came walking up after I had been starring at blank walls and empty tables for about 20min. God send!

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