Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday Splendor

Look how festive, they are little faux cake ornaments made by Jenni B. I saw this on Martha Stewart and I think the girls would get a kick out of making their own. My kitchen might soon be covered in the likes of these... If you haven't checked out Martha's website with all her holiday ideas, you should. That lady is a phenomenon, as is her creative kingdom of staff!
While I'm feeling crafty I might make our new front door one of these too. I'm not much of a wreath person, but this is my kind of wreath.
It's from Swallowfield. I wish it came with a tutorial. How fabulous...the colors, the simplicity, the re-use. I think you could almost keep a wreath like this up all year. Could you not??? And how cute is that house in the background??

Speaking of other great things, at the beginning of the month when I went to Canton I found this great booth by Rockin Vintage. The creative force behind these custom guitars is a gal named Shelly. She had this awesome bottle opener (like the old Coca Cola ones) with a picture of Gruene Hall on it (you all know that's my "north", my favorite place). I ordered this great bottle opener from Rockin Vintage with a picture of Gruene Hall on it for my husband for Christmas. She had the cutest booth at Canton. It was girlie, it was chic, it was Texas, it was rugged, it was indie all rolled into one. I loved it!

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m. & m. said...

I am going to go to canton sometime in the spring - wouldn't it be wonderful if you could join me there to take me around on my maiden voyage?