Friday, December 14, 2007

Today these blogs make me happy!

I can identify:

with this picture from Amanda Blake Soule. My studio looks a little like this at the moment. I'm off to ship one of my last holiday orders today, and I will deliver the last and final order of the holidays on Tuesday of next week. I guess that is when I will clean my studio!?!

Next year I want our holidays to look a little more like this and this. Unfortunately this year that is not the case. We don't have a tree, lights out, and I haven't even done Christmas cards yet. It all feels like ONE more box to unpack and re-pack. And heaven knows I've done a few of those recently and still have more to go. It looks like other's know what I mean.

Well I better quit blogging and go stand in the ridiculously long line at the post office. Maybe next week when I start to clean that studio I'll be able to incorporate some of these lovely decorating ideas?

Amanda Blake Soule

Pam Garrison

Heather Bailey

Sally Jean

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Audra said...

If your house is 3x the size of Knoll Terrace, how could your new house possibly be like this? Or, has the sweat shop increased in size?! :)