Thursday, January 17, 2008

Homeade Apple Pie

I can't fight it, I have this overwhelming urge to make an apple pie~completely from scratch. I also want to bake homemade bread. I am not really in love with being in the kitchen, but I come from a long line of super wonderful bakers, and my new wonderful kitchen is really inspiring. It harbors new energy that was previously zapped from me.

The latent farm girl is waking up inside of me. I'm sure I'm being inspired by:

But it runs much deeper. It's a desire for sustainability. The ability to be capable in hard times. My grandfather, who grew up in the depression, said no matter how hard times got his grandmother made fresh bread everyday. He is still a bread snob to this day. :) My grandmother grew up in central Texas in a farming family, she went on to have seven children and spent most of her days at the kitchen sink (all over the world, they were airforce) preparing beautiful meals and baking delicious sweets.

I know you've heard this tangent from me before, so scroll if you don't want to hear it again. I get overwhelmed with how disposable our society has become. I am flustered by the hectic, rushed, non-enjoying life pace we keep. Why can't we slow down and reconnect over simplicity? We only feel productive when we are flustered and flying by the seat of our pants. That is so silly. Let us reclaim the value of spending time with our children, our families, or even alone in a quiet moment. And let us not forget the legacy the generations above us have handed over.

For apple pie inspiration! I'll keep you posted on my baking endeavours.

That apple betty at the top is my grandmother with her first of her 7 children.

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Cris Cunningham said...

AMen! I couldn't have said this better. I think you just nailed what's been on my heart for the past few months, but was nearly impossible for me to articulate. I'm bookmarking your blog for inspiration! xoxo