Friday, January 25, 2008

Hot Cocoa Morning

Today is a hot cocoa morning. Lately we've had so many cold and rainy days, while it makes most depressed, I LOVE it! It invigorates me. I want to make tea, cook and bake, read a book, and wrap up in warm wooly clothing. :) For me it's a refreshing change from the perpetual sauna-like climate in south Texas.

...the reality check is that the kids are crazy because they've been cooped up all day, then we bundle up to go outside, a 25-30min ordeal, and everyone ends in tears because they are too cold and they come inside with snotty noses and pink chapped cheeks. Wussies, just kidding. ;)

I'm super excited about two projects I'm working on. Shelly from Rockin' Vintage has placed a buxom order for aprons to sell at her booth in Canton. You know I love her work and style so I'm delighted to have some Jed's aprons mingling in her rockin' booth.

I'm also joining the lovely ladies at Backyard Farming to be a contributor to their blog. I'm super excited to collaborate with these urban farming chickadees. They all share the same simple, sustainable life philosophy that is ingrained inside my heart. I may be stuck inside the suburbs, but my mom's family and my dad's family were Texas farmers and I will pass the torch to my kiddos any way I can. So visit often because this blog is a newborn, but has amazing inspiration and potential.

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Audra said...

You're soooooo awesome, Sarah. Do you feel like you're finding a nitch as the crafty, wicked, mom?