Monday, January 28, 2008

Jamie at Home

Have ya'll seen this yet? It comes on Sat mornings. It's awesome. My "Naked Chef" romance began the first time I ever laid eyes on Jamie Oliver, so please understand I'm a bit partial and you know I'm a sucker for Brits(my hubby)...but check this show out.

I discovered that the show even existed here. Download his recipes they are easy and straight forward. You know I'm a Martha fan, but Jamie's recipes are so easy to follow. And sure I'd love everything I make in the kitchen to show like a Martha magazine, but I'm more of the equivalent of a lazy crafter in the kitchen. I want it to taste good~numero uno, but I want to cut as many corners as possible, and dirty as few cooking utensils as possilble. I believe Jamie ascribes to these mottos as well. I've seen him beat eggs with his fingers, toss the pepper seeds over his shoulder and use his rabbit chips for smoking salmon. He keeps it simple, and you know I like simple.

Please note I am by NO MEANS comparing myself to Jamie in the kitchen, he has mad skills, nor am I making preferences between Martha and Jamie. I'm just really enjoying his ecclectic mix of dishes, his candid approach, and his down home country kitchen simplicity.


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