Wednesday, January 16, 2008

January Jumpstart

So here is my entry for January Jump start!

I had a great time taking this child "death trap" and turning it into a family friendly ottoman. I think it is a beautiful table, but it won't work for our family for another few years. Instead of forking over $300-$500 for a new ottoman, my husband's bacheloresq coffee table got a makeover.

David and I built a wooden box, covered it with batting and fabric and viola!

Besides, zebra print is SO in!


m. & m. said...

Awesome! That's sweet Sarah - I've seen them do this on TV but for some reason when some real person does it suddenly it becomes magical! I love it and I wish I had a coffee table to do that to too!

marisa said...

That is amazing. It is beautiful, and I love the fabric choice!

Ashley said...

So very cute!!! Can't wait to see it in person.

Stacy said...

Rad! I read somewhere that animal prints are a new neutral. Love that!

Thanks for not giving up on "Stella's" and checking in. I plan on updating more often.

Shelly said...

O.K. Sarah- I soooooo love this!! Creative, Awesome, Smart and so stylish!!

Audra said...

Sarah--that old fabric sooooo needed to be retired. Good for you!