Thursday, January 03, 2008

Merry Martha Christmas

The girls filled my stocking with all this Martha happiness.

I'm on one of my Martha kicks right now can't you tell? I do this, because I am so not a moderator, but rather a person of obsession...I watch Martha, hang around her website, go overkill on it, and then get "over it" for a while, but I always return. Maybe I could just mediate myself and be normal? Seems like a small task.

Anyhoo, her wonderful line at Macy's comes in bright red and this great teal or aqua color. Ironically both those colors are the accent colors I want for my new pale yellow kitchen. I think they have a great vintage, farm kitchen quality to them. I LOVE it. The girls did well. (I'm pretty sure their dad helped! Thank you, honey.)
While I'm on my Martha kick, did you hear the devastating news? They will no longer be publishing the Blueprint Magazine. Please (please, please) correct me if I'm wrong, I believe they will be combining it with the wedding magazine and maintaining a heavy online presence. I loved that magazine. I CAN still go to the website, I know, but my little scattered-ADD brain needs to read something tangible every now and then~something not on a computer screen. Besides every time I read that magazine I would think, I should work for Blueprint. All my skills culminate to make me a perfect match for that magazine. Blueprint and I we are totally in sync. And now it's obsolete. What does that say???


Audra said...

Martha--ahhh--I love Martha. The Girls were so thoughtful! :)

m. & m. said...

NO MORE BLUEPRINT!!!!!!?????? It was like the best! Seriously, what is that all about - didn't everyone love it? I'm bothered. Oh well...and I'm the same way with martha - after a while i look at her stuff and think - "Nah - there's nothing THAT amazing about it..." and then one day it starts again and I going bonkers over some craft on the show and then I'm back in the obsession. As you know - I am currently obsessed. I want the birdhouse she has on her blog. It's ridiculously awesome.