Thursday, January 31, 2008

St. Valentine

I did some etsy looking today. There's lots of fresh stuff. If you need to buy for a Valentine check out some of these ideas...

Is your guy handy in the kitchen?
Does he love the Sopranos?
Does your man kick it old school?
Maybe he drinks coffee all day at work?
Does he have a great sense of humor?
And the grand prize winner for my redmeat lover of a hubby.

Or deck a gal pal out with these ridiculously cute accessories.
How about a cupcake bath bomb?

Looking for cards? Maybe something from this gal,
and I don't know if cards get any better than these.

Or for your little Valentine...

of course there are these for your girlies,
barrettes, tutus or some of these would be cute.
Oh, oh look at this pretend baking set.

For your little dudes maybe try

From my Valentine I would love to get any of these...
maybe a print like this firefly print or this Amelie print, or this lovely milk print
or maybe this t-shirt

any of it, i'm easy to please :)

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