Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Nappy Bag

Don't you love that fabric?? I taught mi amiga the sewing basics the other day and together we created this diaper bag. We hit lots of speed bumps ie: not enough fabric, 3~3 yr olds, and the flu, but the end result is pretty snazzy??? It's the Nappy bag from Amy Butler. Then we used our "crafty leftovers" to make the matching burp cloth. You know me and scraps! Mi amiga was a stellar pupil. All that teaching started the wheels a turnin' for this summer's sewing camps...hmmm who? when? what? where? Summer will be here before you know it!

This is tentative, but I know I will have a ladies' class and a teen's class. I don't know if we'll do summer craft camps this year or not??? If you want to keep it place your vote now!

P.S. Is anyone else on blogspot having trouble posting pics? I've tried to post a dozen pics today and this is the only one I can get to post????


marisa said...

I love the bag and I love the fabric. I need to get that pattern!!!

m. & m. said...

Love the bag - I need to make a new baby any good patterns?

Also - I totally had that problem on Sunday - it took like 2 hours to finally get my few photos up!