Saturday, March 15, 2008


Can you believe we took the girls to Hannah Montana?? And let me just say I really enjoyed the livestock show. :)

Loved the chicks, the rabbits, the cattle, the bull riding, and barrel racing!
Hannah Montana, sheesh. What is wrong with mainstream America? Do they really not have anything else to get earsplitting excited and dressed up about? If not that is sad! Never one to be impressed by pop culture, lets just call it an innate reflex to reject what is trying to be force fed to me, I really don't get it. She is cute enough, and the daughter of the oh~so~famous Billy Ray Cyrus, (just think achy-breaky heart and a mullet to jog your memory) but why the craze? Everyone was so buzzed about her I was kind of hoping to REALLY like her after the show, but it was quite anti climatic. I guess it's just good marketing??

Of course the girls liked it, and we surprised them with the tickets so that was good family fun!

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