Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hubby DIY

We're all a bit crafty these days. I love, love, loved this bench in the Sundance catalog, but couldn't justify the price. Only a few weeks later when I walked outside my betrothed was lovingly giving his own craft a whirl. He is a handy man!

Now we have our own version. Made from the fence that fell over a few months ago. :)

Tacky decor, I know, I know... I haven't decorated yet, but I pretty much want it to look like ANY room in the Sundance catalog when I'm finished. I guess I better DIY a quilt with those kind of prices!!

If you don't already get the Sundance catalog. Sign up the pictures are gorgeous, the style is novel, and you get a mug shot of Robert Redford in every issue. I found this great website for catalogs. It's called Catalog Choice. You can make an account and browse many catalogs, as well as cancel catalogs you may get that you no longer wish to get. They have a paper-friendly motivation so they don't sell your info to every other catalog company!

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