Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Hello readers, I need your feedback. It is time for me to renew my website subscription, and I'm curious how you all feel about it.
  • Do you think the website is a must??
  • How much do you love it?
  • Do you think to convey Jed's first impression accurately, the website is required?
  • How often do you visit the website??
  • Do you think I can accomplish a professional appearance with my blog, flickr account, and etsy store??
  • Do you think a first time viewer would be able to see all the products offered easily without the website?

In the very near future I will probably phase out the greeting card section of Jed's. I mean how can I compete with these fine stationary companies?? I intend to focus a little more on my art and offer post cards and prints of my original artwork.

Sooo, I have a fun little contest....the first five readers to leave a "feedback" comment will receive a sampler pack of greeting cards. So hurry and speak your mind!


Anonymous said...


Honestly, I think with all the other exposure, etsy store, flickr, craft shows...I don't know if your website is absolutely needed. It might be a way to save a little moolah, and put it into another show or something. I read your blog more than I visit the site, but that's just me. T - 31 days until I see him again!

love you...mary

Sarah said...

thank you mary. a very adorable greeting card pack will be heading your way.

i talked to tommy last night. he had just surfed cuba and was very happy about that!

miss you...

m. & m. said...

Sarah - I am in the same spot and thinking of phasing out my website...unless I am full time working mom it doesn't seem necessary. I'd say go for it and just stick with the blog, etsy, etc. And show us more of your work on the blog so we can then go buy it on etsy!

Ashley said...

Ok, I'm not in this for the freebie, but I'm with Mary. I go straight to your blog, then check out etsy from there.

I miss you all!!! I hope Tommy's been getting my cards!!! Want him to know that I'm thinking of him as well.

Love you all!!! See you in June.