Friday, April 17, 2009

Swim Suit Season

In Texas it's starting to look a lot like swimsuit season. All the ladies are walking around nice and orange, and razor companies are not experiencing the same economic recession as the rest of the corporate world. The only way to survive a Texas summer is to swim. You HAVE to swim! So for us non-"swimsuit model" types this sends us into crisis mode. So much pressure to get to the gym and undo genetics before the heatwave strikes. The quest for the perfect swimsuit is on. It must be flattering, cute, functional and under 200 dollars. Added challenge: if you are shopping with children you must also find the perfect suit in less than two hours. You know the drill.
This year I found the perfect fit. This is a "one size fits all" type purchase. It's guaranteed to boost your self-esteem. I love it.

This year instead of getting one of these for summer,

Try this one on

What an amazing book. Captivating. This is not a book about how to be a better woman, mother, single or wife. This is an amazing book about the beauty of a woman. Why she's beautiful inside and out. How the standard of beauty our culture tries to sell us is false. This summer do yourself a favor, put those InStyle mags away and read this. You will not be disappointed, and you will flaunt your femininity no matter what suit you choose. So pick up this book, schedule your summer pedi, and crack this spine.


Lindsey said...

You are making me want to read this book and put aside my preconceived notions of it...glad you've started blogging!

Chelsea Pratt said...

Since I never see you at school, I figured I'd come here:) The book looks great. Wondering what your schedule for sewing classes will be? I hope they make some cute aprons!!! Anyway, lemme no.

Sarah said...

Lindsey~put away those preconceived notions. This book is just what the doctor ordered.
Chelsea~how do I miss you everyday? maybe b/c i'm always a half hour late? :) i'm making the sewing schedule for the summer, do you have a month/week preference? i have lots of girls interested this summer. i'm getting excited. i think we will make an apron. i love that idea! :)