Friday, April 24, 2009

Shop & Give

So... my savvy shopping/gift giving sister-in-law called me on Wednesday to see if I would like a pair of Tom's for my birthday. "I've never heard of Tom's", I say. She proceeds to tell me all about them and recites their mission statement for me. I like them already, sight unseen. Wednesday night I head to student ministries, and one of the young ladies is doing a fundraiser for Tom's and we watch a whole video about them and their vision. So Tom's it is this year! I love their "movement", and I'm always a fan of the gifts that keep on giving (as long as they are not communicable diseases).

The twins might get a pair too.

1 comment:

luckilu said...

oh we love our toms! they are comfy and jared lives in his on the weekends and weeknights!