Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jon & Kate plus 8

I'm not one to follow tabloids, but I am really sad about this tragedy. I really don't follow celebrity gossip, I wouldn't be caught dead buying overly sensationalized hype, and to be honest the only other story that ever caused me to peruse it before paying for my groceries was when the news first broke that "Jen + Brad" were splitting b/c of "Angie".

Is anyone else sad about this?

So many things are wrong about this, but for starters...what is he doing? I don't care how controlling or moody Kate is- this is not a mature way to "handle" it. Maybe try sticking up for yourself every now and then, or figure out how to make yourself an equal partner, but messing around with college girls and getting married to one of them weeks later. Come on. Can he really be that dense? What is wrong with him?

Poor kids. Poor Kate. It will be okay. Kate will feel rejected for now, but she'll do the hard work of healing and self repair, the kids will get counseling, they'll rely on their faith and they will turn out fine. But Jon, oh Jon, I'm not a fortune-teller, but my gut says this "new" marriage will not have a blissful fairytale ending. He will wake up one day and think, "OH MY GOSH, what did I just do to my family and on national television. Oh no, and it's perfectly documented for my children to know every detail of my detour." That day will not be pretty for "poor" old Jon. I'm not judging, well, yes I guess I am, but mostly I'm just sad. Sad about people I don't even know. It's just that 9 of them seem so innocent (8 at the very least).

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megan said...

I am sadly obsessed with these people now and I hardly watched the show! I really hope these kids can somehow be normal instead of Paris Hilton times 8!