Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Floor

So I started on the floor. Actually, let me just preface this post with, pretty much my worst nightmare for my first day on the job would be someone with long (down past their waist) hair who wants a full head of highlights. Guess who walked through that door Friday morning? I kid you not. Lady with long hair way past her booty, wanting highlights. Luckily, I got to work with a partner and we talked her into a partial set of highlights. It wasn't bad. Learned a lot, conquered a fear, got some skills. Check, check, check. Come Saturday, I had one client. Guess who? Another lady with hair almost to her waist who wanted a FULL head of highlights.

I can't help but wonder. When you have a worst fear. Something rooted down there deep, are you destined to encounter it? Does the universe ~poof~ just pop it out there. Does God allow it to happen for some cosmic lesson that must be learned by you. I desperately hope this is not a true principle. If it is, I am never going on or in or any wear near or over the ocean. I'm very afraid of being lost at sea or attacked by a shark. Considering I spend less than 5% of my life at the beach, it seems an irrational fear. But it lurks, I'm not gonna lie. I'm also a bit overwhelmed with how distinct and personal fears are. My mom or dad did not teach me this fear. I've never had a run in with a shark. Even Jaws didn't scare me (and everything scary scares me). Just to prove this point further, I have a twin brother who swims with sharks daily and makes a living on the ocean everyday. I guess that's why Captian Faulkenberry is a sailor and his sister is a hairdresser! Arrgh, I'm a land luver, I am. Actually not really, I'm a river lover! (Only one exception, my friend Jennie tells me bull sharks have been found in the Mississippi River. It's documented. So no swimming in the Mississippi for me. I think I can handle that. I'm as happy as the summer is long swimming in the Guadalupe and Blanco Rivers.)

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