Saturday, February 20, 2010

Urban Dictionary

Have you ever looked up your name on Urban Dictionary? I have, and I like what I discovered. Sarah as defined by the Urban Dictionary means:

1. A quiet, sensitive girl. Loves animals and loves to be with people. Not selfish and thinks of others constintly. doesnt always revolve her life around guys, and thinks education is more important.
man, i wish i was a sarah like you!

2.A hero, a friend, a sexy peice of @#!
whoes that girl over their with that toad in her hand? oh thats my friend sarah, isn't she a sexy peice of @#!? Yeah; what a hero.

3.the hottest and cutest girl in school shes just so awesome and has the best personality, shes realy shy at times but everyone loves her and whoever doesnt love her is just a jelous lozer:) and if ur a guy(damion, aj) then u should deffenitly go out with her
omg did u see that sarah girl over there? yea isnt she the coolest? ya, dont forget the nicest!

4.The correct spelling of the name sara.
What is your name? Sarah Me too! But how do you spell it? The correct way.

I'm pretty sure it's factual. All I can say is what a hero!

While we're on the topic of me, I need your opinion. When I first started school everyone- not exaggerating- everyone told me I looked like Ellen. But now lately, a group of people have been saying that I look like Drew Barrymore. I've always wanted a celebrity look alike. Do you think these could be mine? It appears I'm some sort of odd hybrid. ;)


Lindsey said...

Sarah urban dictionary is hilarious. Wow I wish my name was Sarah =). I see how you look a bit like both Drew Barrymore and Ellen...I usually get told I look like Allison Krause.

The Commanders said...

I think you look like Sarah. I have known you for over 20 years and that is all I see. Wow 20 years.

I look like every other bald person on TV. Kind of annoying when they say I look like Vin Diesel or Goldberg. I miss Tele!

Mama D said...

Sarah means princess, daughter, pure one

Ashley said...

I think you are more beautiful than Drew or Ellen. But, if I had to pick one, I would say Drew!! She's got more your look and personality....or at least it seems like she does.