Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh, how I love thee...

I think I want Elizabeth Gilbert to be my valentine. Oh, Liz, let me count the ways...Thank you for articulating everything I never said. Thank you for being brave enough to live the adventures I never had the guts to live. Thank you for setting it in stone...I will go to Italy, and I will learn Italian.

So, I haven't had a love affair with a book like this since the Shack and before that it was the Red Tent. You know when you pick up a book, and it hits you smack dab in the middle of right where you are? Do you know? Eat, Pray, Love is amazing. I'm not finished, but I'm enthralled. I love this book.

"'Go back to bed', said the omniscient interior voice, because you don't need to know the final answer right now, at three o'clock in the morning on the Thursday in November. 'Go back to bed', because I love you. 'Go back to bed', because the only thing you need to do for now is get some rest and take good care of yourself until you do know the answer." -Elizabeth Gilbert

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