Saturday, October 23, 2010


I want to go to Italy so bad I can taste it. And that's exaclty what I want to do, eat and drink my way through Italy. I'm not exactly sure when I fell in love, but I'm infatuated. I want, of course, to see Rome (because it's Rome), Venice (because it's Venice), and Naples (becaue it's Naples, where they invented pizza AND ice cream) but more than anything I want to go to Tuscany. Really I want to travel around, shop at local markets and learn how to cook
from some Italian grandmother.
But tonight I'll settle on suburbia and a traveler's fantasy. We did make spaghetti and drink a new Chianti. Da Vinci, it was 'molto delizioso'. It was so tasty and no headache.
We were celebrating my passing score on the TDLR board exam. I am officially done. I am a licensed cosmetologist operator. :) Just like Elizabeth Gilbert's favorite Italian phrase, "attraversiamo" it feels like a crossing over.

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